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RedShiftBio to showcase successful studies with biopharma industry leaders at AAPS PharmSci 360 Read more>

Biopharm International interviews scientists with experience of Microfluidic Modulation Spectroscopy for a round-table on how complex protein studies demand dynamic techniques. Visit page 18 to see what Immunogen, Janssen, Elion Labs and the University of Delaware have to say. Read more>

American Pharmaceutical Review publishes article on MMS by Karan K. Shah Principal Development Associate Analytical and Pharmaceutical Sciences ImmunoGen, Inc. Read more>

RedShiftBio Strengthens Focus on Applications with New Hire Read more>

Spectroscopy North America publishes peer-reviewed paper on MMS from Brent Kendrick of Elion Labs, Eugene Ma and Libo Wang of RedShiftBio Read more>

RedShiftBio Expands Team to Support Launch of FlagShip AQS3™pro System for Protein Characterization Read more>

Instrument Business Outlook interviews RedShiftBio CCO Jeff Zonderman on the launch of the AQS3pro Read more>

Spectroscopy Europe highlights the launch of the AQS3pro Read more>

RedShiftBio Launches AQS3pro Protein Characterization System Read more>

RedShiftBio Announces Collaboration Trial Completion Read more>

Jeffrey Zonderman Joins RedShiftBio as its Chief Commercial Officer Read more >

RedShiftBio Inc. Completes $11.0 million Series C Financing Read more >


RedShiftBio™ is an innovative provider of analytical instrumentation for the research, development and manufacturing of protein therapeutic drugs.

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