Change How You See Proteins at PEGS

Proteins’ structural complexity makes the development and commercialization of biologics a challenging process. This means accurate characterization critical, not only at the quality control stage, but throughout the whole development timeline.

Biophysical characterization specialists are gearing up for the conference of the season, to learn how to more accurately characterize their proteins. PEGS, is running a number of streams focused on accelerating biotherapeutic protein drug development and is crammed full of events and talks.

We compiled a list of PEGS agenda highlights for biophysical characterization specialists who want to see change in their proteins.

RedShiftBio Product Launch PEGS 2018

Booth #316

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We are launching a new IR instrument at PEGS. It is powered by a new sensing technology called Microfluidic Modulation Spectroscopy, allowing you to see change in protein characterization that is not possible today. The system is automated, operates with a high sensitivity to “see change” over a wide concentration range, from 0.1 mg/mL to over 200 mg/mL without dilution, replacing the requirement to run samples on multiple instruments. Come to booth 316 to see the new analyzer and enter your name into a draw to win a gift card for a pair of designer sunglasses from Sunglass Hut.