MMS For Protein Therapeutic Drug Analysis

Secondary structure characterization is an essential part of drug development, however, the tools for measuring secondary structure of small proteins and peptides are limited.

Application Note Introduction

RedShiftBio’s MMS analyzer combines laser spectroscopy, microfluidics and signal processing to provide a powerful, efficient tool that uses mid-infrared to directly probe the protein backbone and provide information on higher order structure, aggregate formation, protein stability and concentration. Unlike other techniques, proteins can be measured over a broad concentration range with relative ease in a variety of environments without the issues of background fluorescence and light scattering, and complications related to protein size.

Techniques Showcased in This Application Note Include:

  • In this App, RedShitBio provides an overview of the AQS3pro while it was still in late stages of development
  • Simplifies measurement workflow 
  • Extends concentration range 
  • Measures secondary structure and fingerprinting with increased accuracy
  •  Demonstrates significant increases in sensitivity, dynamic range, and utility for determination of protein similarity (fingerprinting), quantitation, protein secondary structure, and protein stability and aggregation through thermal and chemical denaturation methods with microfluidics to enhance sensitivity and accuracy
  • Achieves higher sensitivity across a wider concentration range when measuring both chemical and thermal stability, in addition to aggregation