A New Way to Characterize Proteins

The ProLaser™ protein analyzer is the first of a new generation of instrumentation for the rapid characterization and analysis of proteins. Utilizing a proprietary new technology, ProLaser determines a protein’s specific fingerprint by directly measuring the underlying protein second order structures, their relative concentrations, and total protein concentration. The highly specific fingerprint is sensitive to any conformational changes and is a powerful tool to assess:

From Discovery to Manufacturing

With a measurement capability from 0.1 mg/ml to 200 mg/ml ProLaser is a simple to use, bench top instrument for the rapid characterization of proteins from discovery to manufacturing. Its speed and flexibility are ideal for use in:

  • Screening for lead candidate selection
  • Preformulation and formulation development
  • Process development optimization
  • Measuring and predicting stability
  • Routine analytics, process monitoring, and QC release