Next Generation in Protein Characterization






"RedShiftBio provides a next-generation infrared technology with advanced data analytics to facilitate better, faster decision making in biopharmaceutical development from discovery to market via the direct measurement of previously undetectable change in protein structural attributes critical to drug product efficacy and quality."

Volume 104, Number 11, November 2015, American Pharmacists Association

The Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences published a paper authored by a team at Pfizer featuring the AQS3™pro


The Next Generation in Protein Characterization

The AQS3pro brings protein secondary structure measurement into every stage of the biopharmaceutical pipeline. Measuring in conditions that were previously not possible with traditional methods, The AQS3pro provides repeatable, high sensitivity, automated measurement across a wide concentration range, in any formulation.

See change in your protein, in your workflow, and in your efficiency.

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RedShiftBio® is an innovative provider of analytical instrumentation for the research, development and manufacturing of protein therapeutic drugs.

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