See Change® in Protein Characterization


University of Washington: Characterization of β-amyloid oligomers

Valerie Daggett, Professor of Bioengineering (primary), Biochemistry, Biomedical and Health Informatics, Chemical Engineering, Molecular Engineering, Neuroscience, and Biological Physics, Structure and Design

"We believe it [AQS3pro] can play a significant role in the protein characterization technology toolkit, overcoming shortcomings in existing techniques."

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Next Generation in Protein Characterization

The AQS3pro launches a new era in IR spectroscopy and protein characterization, bringing repeatable, high sensitivity, automated measurements to every stage of the biopharmaceutical pipeline. Powered by Microfluidic Modulation Spectroscopy (MMS), the AQS3pro measures the secondary structure of proteins over nearly four decades of concentration, from 0.1 mg/ml to over 200 mg/ml. Driven by the industry-leading AQS3delta Analytical Software package, it streamlines and simplifies 5 key measurements:

Aggregation | Quantitation | Stability | Structure | Similarity

See change in your protein, in your workflow, and in your efficiency.

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Load samples and walk away.

The widest concentration range to characterize biotherapeutics.

Generate precise, high sensitivity data.

Analyze and understand protein behavior.


RedShiftBio® is an innovative provider of analytical instrumentation for the research, development and manufacturing of protein therapeutic drugs.

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