See change. Change in how you take measurements. Change in your ability to detect and monitor protein conformation. Change in how you collect, analyze and present results. Change for the better.  At RedshiftBio, we help researchers see change better using our innovative tools and technologies.

Our origins are outside of the Life Sciences, but we are fast learners and listen closely to the needs of our customers. Being outsiders allowed us to see how new technologies from other fields could be combined to better solve problems within the Life Sciences. We developed our Microfluidic Modulation Spectroscopy (MMS) platform in response to a customer’s request for a better solution, and rather than repurpose outdated tools and methods designed originally for other applications, we started anew, and developed MMS from the ground up specifically with the protein scientist in mind.

In 2015, in response to the unique capabilities and potential of MMS, we pivoted our spectroscopy business to focus entirely on bringing innovative analytical solutions to the protein scientist.  And so we are changing, too. Our RedShiftBio team now includes talented Life Science veterans, protein scientists and instrumentation engineers.  We are financially backed by venture capitalists and Waters Corporation, a leading provider of analytical instrumentation for the life sciences with annual sales of over $2 billion.  At RedShiftBio, we develop tools to help protein scientists see more clearly. And that’s definitely change for the better.

Leadership Team

Julien Bradley, CEO of RedShiftBio

Julien Bradley

Chief Executive Officer

Dennis Merrill, VP of Engineering, and Product Development

Dennis Merrill

Vice President, Engineering & Product Development


Eugene Ma

Chief Technology Officer


Richard Sharp

Engineering Fellow


Jeffrey Zonderman

Chief Commercial Officer


RedShiftBio® is an innovative provider of analytical instrumentation for the research, development and manufacturing of protein therapeutic drugs.

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