Higher Order Structure: The Hot Topic of Biotherapeutics Analytical Summit

We have just returned from the Biotherapeutics Analytical Summit in Virginia. What a great celebration of the conference’s 10th birthday! We were inundated with fascinating conversations, the most popular being the characterization of higher order structure (or HOS).

We presented a poster with Elion Labs on the study of HOS of IgG Samples Spiked with BSA using the AQS3TMpro. The results show that MMS is a powerful technique for the measurement and analysis of protein secondary structure and provides HOS data with significant increased sensitivity and accuracy compared to conventional FTIR and a fully automated walk away platform. Click here to download.

We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming conference: HOS 2019 in California, or PEGS here in our hometown of Boston! See our list of upcoming conferences here.