StructIR Lab

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Your service solution for determining biomolecule secondary structure with speed, accuracy, and reproducibility.

Introducing StructIR Lab , from RedShiftBio, our full-service, on-demand sample analysis solution. Trust your samples with the MMS experts in our in-house lab to add critical insights and quality into your drug development and formulation programs. Get the information you need now to make upstream decisions and save downstream costs.

StructIR Lab's  Unique Advantages:

  • Flexibility to run sample numbers for any size project
  • Reduces time and cost through automation of previously laborious measurements
  • Improvement of product quality by measurement of previously undetectable changes in the structure of biomolecules
  • De-risk downstream product failures by earlier detection of the smallest changes in structure, aggregation state, stability, and more
  • Confident and timely decision-making using quality data that will accelerate development timelines

StructIR Lab utilizes the groundbreaking  AQS³pro powered by Microfluidic Modulation Spectroscopy, a next-generation IR-based spectroscopy platform for biomolecule structure characterization.

Key features of the AQS³pro:

  • 24 and 96 well plate formats for throughput flexibility
  • Automated, low-interference with real-time buffer referencing
  • Detects <2% change in secondary structure
  • Adjusts formulation based on indicators of aggregation

Microfluidic Modulation Spectroscopy is an efficient technique for biomolecule analysis that directly addresses the limitations of spectroscopy-based technologies. This technology provides drift-free, background subtracted, high-sensitivity measurements of protein secondary structure across four decades of concentration.