RedShiftBioBio’s proprietary Microfluidic Modulation Spectroscopy, or MMS technology, empowers biopharmaceutical scientists by combining the high energy of a laser with microfluidic flow technologies to see change in the proteins’ secondary structure. The technology provides increased confidence in data and decreased resource by enabling these key measurements; Structure, Similarity, Stability, Aggregation and Quantitation.

From Discovery through Formulation without Dilution


MMS measures the amide 1 band spectral absorbance of proteins in solution to determine:

  • High order structural (HOS) information
  • How stable the protein is to temperature and chemical exposure during processing and storage (stability)
  • Whether the proteins start to bind together under different conditions and formulations (aggregation)
  • Protein concentration over a wide dynamic range (quantitation)
  • Similarilty between different protein samples, for example a biosimilar to a biologic, or between samples of the same protein in different buffer formulations (similarity)

MMS directly addresses deficiencies in today’s analytical techniques that hamper biopharmaceutical scientists in their mission to bring to market safer, more stable treatments for disease:

  • Challenges with analyzing components of protein substructure, not just the total protein: Legacy technologies, like UV-CD for example, cannot detect the very important intermolecular beta-sheet structures which form during aggregation

Inability to detect the smallest changes in secondary structure, regardless of protein concentration: At low concentrations, FTIR for example, can only detect changes in large volumes of protein material (at 10mg/mL and above), and Raman at 30mg/mL. In contrast, UV-CD and are typically limited to sample concentrations below 2mg/ml. Currently, protein scientists need to use a combination of all these technologies to measure across the whole concentration range of interest.

The system features a powerful analytics package to quickly and easily process data.


RedShiftBio® is an innovative provider of analytical instrumentation for the research, development and manufacturing of protein therapeutic drugs.

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