Meet Allen Zhang, the Latest Addition to our Expanding Team

Allen Zhang

We sat down over a virtual cup of coffee in April 2020 to interview Allen Zhang, who has recently joined the growing sales team at RedShiftBio.

Editor: Hi Allen, thanks so much for joining us today

AZ: No problem! It is a pleasure to chat and have this opportunity to speak directly to our protein characterization community.

Editor: Can you tell us a little bit about your role at RedShiftBio?

AZ: Sure. I have joined as Director of Sales for Asia Pacific, and Senior Western Regional Manager. I am responsible for ensuring that pharma and biotech companies in my region have access to the power of the AQS3™pro for protein secondary structure characterization.

Editor: What excites you the most about the company?

AZ: I had heard about the great technology, and great people at RedShiftBio. I wanted to play a role in bringing this new technique into the hands of people who need it: those who have struggled to get accurate secondary measurements with their existing analytical toolkit.

Editor: Where have you worked previously?

AZ: I have worked nearly 20 years in various roles at leading companies in analytical instrumentation, including Wyatt Technology, Waters, LECO, Thermo Fisher, Vertex, BD and Bruker.

Editor: If you could say one thing to potential users of the AQS3pro, what would it be?

AZ: The AQS3pro data speaks for itself, let’s demo it. During this crisis, we are running virtual demos. This provides scientists who are confined to home the option to see the power of microfluidic modulation spectroscopy. While you have the time, why don’t you check out what you are missing?

Editor: What do you like to do in your free time?

AZ: I like to keep active. I like to play tennis but also I am very passionate about arts and antiques.

Editor: Thanks Allen.

AZ: No problem. Stay home and stay safe everyone.